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Our cattle are registered with RWDCA and Holstein Canada.
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You're welcome on our farm for Open Farm Day on September 21st, 2014.
Four Star-Brood Cows Pictured Together!
Certified Organic
Pennview Ironside: An Excellent Bull with Incredible Daughters.
Sardius Holsteins: RWDCA 2007 Keystone Award Recipient.

Sardius Holsteins is located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. It is owned and operated by Sam & Anne Appleby and family. They are proud owners since 1979, having devoted their lives to the care of the Red & White Holsteins they have raised over the years. Long-lived, red & white Canadian holstein bloodlines are the foundation of the Sardius Holsteins herd. We take pride in the red genetics on the farm, and are always looking to share these genetics through semen or cattle.
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